links & recs

(Quite definitely fandom juvenilia.)


The Gauntlets


First of the series: Batman/Barbara, PWP. I hadn't realised, when I wrote this, that the Batman Beyond canon contains a past relationship between Bruce and Barbara. R. 23 KB

The Rose Tattoo

Second of the series: Bruce/Dick first-time fiction...with plot. R for violence and sex. 318 KB

The Frame

PWP snippet, Batman/Nightwing. R for sex. 16 KB

The Club

Snippet again: Batman's apology for the events of The Frame. Not rated.61 KB

The Gift

Fifth of the series. Post clench, post No Man's Land, post earthquake, Nightwing fulfills a promise . 28 KB

The Beach

Sixth of the series. Darkfic warning. NC17 for dangerous issues. 65 KB

The Room

Darkfic warning. No idea where this came from and definitely not in any canon at all. NC17 for dangerous imagery. 17 KB


Elseworlds. Very elseworlds. Not rated. 13 KB


Hmm. Sick day, off time, PWP. Ish. NC17 for sex. 32 KB