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Cleaning out my Closet

Snippets and scrappets.
Some of this is old stuff, some of it new.
Most of it is bits and pieces I'm not going to work on again, or
don't find really significant in the general scheme of things.

Indexed by fandom.
New material is marked.

  All Jay's batslash fiction can now be found here.
Later R, drabble for churchofsnarry. 5 KB

Devil's Food Cake (Snape in waiting) PG-13, drabble for cordelia_v. 8 KB

  Rainy Day Drabble (HPDM) drabble
  Congress Tripartite (HP/LM/SS) Porn for djin7. 36KB
A Green and Yellow Melancholy R, little sex and no violence. Written for the OnlyDuncanMethos masturbation challenge. 16 KB
A Little Bit of History Repeating PG13, first of two. 16 KB
Whatever May Come, The World Keeps Revolving NC17, second of two.14 KB
Winter Solstice R. Just a little something for Craig..21 KB
October Lace R. This is just the most goddam awful story, but I'm sick of hearing about it. Unedited. 133 KB
Roses R, for imagery and death. You always knew I was mad. 10 KB
  Hours PG 13 Highlander Lyric Wheel fiction. 10 KB
  Maybe PG 13 Highlander Drabble, on ice. 6 KB
  Bar Story PG 13 Highlander WIP. 20 KB
  Belongings Duncan/Methos. Drabble. 5KB
  Bassinet Blues D/M drabble Mpreg
  Skin Shot D/M Bike porn for evildrem. 21KB



Eva produced a podfic of Winter Solstice. Amazing how different the story reads, read aloud.
She did a beautiful piece of work. Download below: at Sendspace.

Winter Solstice Podfic


Reconnaisance Aragorn/Boromir PG13, for violence. First of three. 39 KB
Reposte Aragorn/Boromir PG13, for violence. Second of three. 24 KB
  Resolution Aragorn/Boromir NC17, for sex. Third of three. 34 KB
  The Bones of the Matter R for sex, totally unfinished, just the sketch of a story. Will/Jack 84 KB.