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Alien Corn

Stand alone Duncan/Methos first time, rated, hmm, R for disturbing imagery and not particularly explicit sex. Contains the shreds of a plot. AU. 86 KB

Such a Grave Joy

Stand alone Duncan/Methos, post Gathering AU. Rated R for disturbing imagery. 24 KB

In Season

Duncan/Methos first time, stand alone, rated NC17 for polyamourous sexual activity. Please read the warnings carefully. 138 KB


On seeing X_Men 2. Complete, three hour fluff. 16 KB

The Scent of Madelaines

Unrated. A short story. 5 KB

Fugue 68

Unrated. A love song. 14 KB

Fugue 68 has been translated into Chinese by AT - you'll find it here.  
Waiting for Joe

R. Extended metaphor and character death, no sex.110 KB

True North / Out of Kilter

PG13. Kind of long-term WIP, undeniably camp. 21 KB

Stuck in the Moment

R. A Lyric Wheel Challenge meta-fiction, courtesy of Amand_r and Ev vy. 40 KB

Strictly for Kicks

R. A kinkfic challenge for Evil Dr Em. 9 KB

Strickly for Kicks has been translated into Chinese by AT - you'll find it here.  
This Love (These little lies we tell)

PG13, very nearly gen. A Lyric Wheel fiction. 22 KB


PG13, gen, to be honest, although it didn't start off that way. This is the Highlander II fiction I've mentioned. 26KB

R. D/M, Medieval Christmas fluff. 163KB.  
Edinburgh:Two-step and Reel  
Highlander Christmas fiction- this is the Edinburgh story I've been meaning to write for rather a long time. D/M, R, 17KB  



Eva produced a podfic of Winter Solstice. Amazing how different the story reads, read aloud.
She did a beautiful piece of work. Download below: at Sendspace

Winter Solstice Podfic


man walked into a bar  
fractured_sun's fannish five meme lists five presents Methos gave to people. Number four on her list is a new bar for Joe, who is still under the impression the watchers paid for it. D/M, PG, 23KB
Burn Layer  
Pieces in time. Ceirdwyn, written for rodlox in hlh_shortcuts 2010: gen, 17 KB.
The Street of the Booksellers  
Written for killabeez in hlh_shortcuts 2010: D/M, PG-23, 29 KB.  
(In)opportune Challenge  
Written for hl_kink: Technically, he was a privateer, not a pirate, but the fractious seafarer plucked from a deserted island didn't seem to appreciate the difference, or be properly thankful for his rescue, despite their shared Immortal secret. The Captain of the 'Predator' was determined to make this new and interesting bit of booty submit to ship's discipline...and like it. Drabble, D/M, 5KB  
Written for hl_kink: Duncan's always had a thing for sucking cock. It's the one thing he really gets into with men, and he's kind of embarrassed by how much he loves it, but he really, really loves it. Drabble, D/M, R, 5 KB  
There Once Was A Gorgon From Pythos  
Written for hl_kink: While taking his buddies on a Grand Tour of 'Infamous Defunct Cults and Bogus Prophets I Have Known', Methos accidentally leads them into a not-so-defunct Cthonic altar with a decidedly unbogus Guardian, who seems very happy to see them.Methos/OFC. R, 8 KB  
Dressed to Kill  
Written for hl_kink: high-heeled boots, Amanda. Any which way welcome. Amanda/OMC. R, 5 KB  
Database II: Players of Games  
Written for hl_chronicles: bearshorty kindly allowed me to remix and timestamp the story Database, written for the Fannish Library Fest. Duncan/Methos. PG-13, 23 KB  
Christmas Candy, written for amand_r in hlh_shortcuts, Duncan/Methos 2012. R, 13 KB.  
The Sword That Never Fell  
Written with Unovis, An Adventurous Tale, which may Rank with Many Romances. Crossover with Ritchie Sherlock, written for tazlet in hlh_shortcuts 2012. PG, 34 KB.  
Snippets (or the stuff I don't think means anything) have gone across to Cleaning out my Closet.