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Written for hl_kink: While taking his buddies on a Grand Tour of 'Infamous Defunct Cults and Bogus Prophets I Have Known', Methos accidentally leads them into a not-so-defunct Cthonic altar with a decidedly unbogus Guardian, who seems very happy to see them.Methos/OFC.
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There once was a Gorgon from Pythos

Jay Tryfanstone
May 2011


There once was a Gorgon from Pythos
With a penchant for man flesh and mythos
And one bright summer day
Some immortals at play
Were startled to find her still in place amorous

A Lovecraftian muse
Designed to bemuse
With tentacles long and lugubrious
Her desire was plain
Her aim pleasure not pain
Though protesting was quite clearly spurious

With a fee to be paid to the guardian maid
Our hero stood forth, no attempt to evade
His trousers half-masted
His endurance long-lasted
His flesh was an bountiful trade

But with tentacles forty
And attitude sporty
The Gorgon gave no hole allay:
And all parts abraid
Our immortal cried
“Mac, dinnae leave me this way!”