Disclaimer: Characters from Highlander are the property of Panzer-Davies..
Written for hl_kink: Technically, he was a privateer, not a pirate, but the fractious seafarer plucked from a deserted island didn't seem to appreciate the difference, or be properly thankful for his rescue, despite their shared Immortal secret. The Captain of the 'Predator' was determined to make this new and interesting bit of booty submit to ship's discipline...and like it.
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(In)opportune Challenge
Jay Tryfanstone
May 2011


It’s not the parrot that gets him in the end, it’s the smirking Scotsman.

“I’d have lit a damned watchfire!” Methos yells, muffled, nose three feet from the gangplank and heels dangling. Not a sword in reach, the lily-livered ass.

“Ye’ll thank me later,” McPirate says, tying him to the bed.

Back, he’s bloody, enflamed and amorous as a rum-sodden octopus. McPlank grunts, Methos yelps, and it’s the parrot who says, “Who’s a pretty boy?”

McOaf’s hung like a donkey. Skewered and stuffed, Methos grins. The curses are false, the appreciation involuntary.

“Told you,” McSwive says, starting all over again.