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Written for hl_kink: Duncan's always had a thing for sucking cock. It's the one thing he really gets into with men, and he's kind of embarrassed by how much he loves it, but he really, really loves it. He's fantasized about it with pretty much everyone at one time or another, but the thought of going to his knees for Methos is getting to be a real problem-- it's bordering on obsession. Duncan and Methos are out someplace public, maybe at Joe's. Tonight, for some reason, Duncan can't stop thinking about it. He finally gets up his courage and asks Methos if he'd be into it. Methos is enthusiastic. By the time Duncan finally gets his mouth on Methos's cock, he's so desperate for it that he can't wait, and jerks himself off while sucking Methos, but he can't let himself come until Methos does--and Methos is a tease.
Original post here, including chinae's fantastic second fill On His Knees.

Jay Tryfanstone
May 2011


“Please?” Duncan asks.

Gagged silent, he says it with his eyes, forced open, with the aching stretch of his jaws and with the shiver in his skin embracing the watching eyes. With the suppliant arch of his throat and the ache in his thighs, knees bruising, and with the tremor of his hand on his own swollen cock, the touch so light now pleasure’s near pain.

“Please. Now?” Duncan begs, in the tightening of his throat and the saliva that drips down his chin and through every half-drawn gasping breath he steals.

Pensive finger on Duncan’s cheekbone, Methos says, “No.”