2014 Update


Marvel, Hockey RPF, Alexander Kent's Bolitho novels, George MacDonald - The Day Boy and the Night Girl, Mountaineering RPF (Coldfic), Marillion, Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and the only crossover I've ever written - Nicholas Monsarrat's The Cruel Sea with Mary Renault's The Charioteer.



26th December 2014 Five Stories About Wartime
The war is over.
Hockey RPF: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin. AU. Please note, the timeline for this story is reversed.
R, 111KB.
26th December 2014 Neko!fic: Mating Season
Steve/Tony. Everything seems perfectly normal, until someone starts howling outside his bedroom window. R, 77KB.
26th December 2014 A Nightingale Sings in the Gardens of Cordoba
The Day Boy and the Night Girl
by George MacDonald - Photogen/Nycteris. The sun was behind them, and their shadows on the stone were long and sharp-edged, so that Photogen’s sword stretched forward to the walls of the city and Nycteris’ books weighted their feet. written for taabe in Yuletide 2014. PG-13, 27KB.
26th December 2014

The Sea, The Sea
Nicholas Monsarrat's The Cruel Sea with Mary Renault's The Charioteer. Torpedoed 200 miles off the coast of Iceland, Compass Rose's crew manage to launch both lifeboats. As they struggle to survive the first night, the boats drift apart, leaving Sub-lieutenant Ferraby in sole charge of an injured Captain, eight ratings, and passenger Lieutenant Ralph Lanyon, RNVR.
Witten for Lilliburlero in Yuletide 2014. PG-13, 56KB.

26th December 2014 I Do Have Such A Store of Dreams
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
Adam/Milly, Benjamin/Dorcas, Caleb/Ruth, Daniel/Martha, Ephraim/Liza, Frank/Sarah, Gideon/Alice.
Nonlinear role reversal, written for turtlebook in yuletide 2014.
26th December 2014 Five Stories About Tenzing and Hillary
“You can’t see the entire world from the top of Everest, Jamling. The view from there only reminds you how big the world is, and how much more there is to see and learn.”
Tenzing and Hilary, written for fenellaevangella in Yuletide 2014. Unrated. 17KB.
26th December 2014 At Close of Day
Richard Bolitho/Thomas Herrick, from Alexander Kent's Bolitho series. Written for Shorina in Yuletide 2014. PG-13, 52KB
26th December 2014

Twenty-six years after Fish wrote the lyrics for Marillion's fourth album - playing out the fame game in cocaine-spangled nights - alter-ego and album narrator Torch is back where it all began. Written for Yuletide 2013. Unrated, 6KB.

26th December 2014 Twa Turtledoves and a Cockerel in Clover
She had been trying, with some success, to allow Francis laughter. Diverges from canon part-way through The Game of Kings: Francis and Christian, happy and whole. Francis Crawford/Christian Stewart, written for aurilly in Yuletide 2013. PG-13, 16KB.
21st November 2013 Blowing Soap Bubbles at the South Pole
Forty-eight hours: a graphic novel. 616 universe, futurefic, AU from the end of Stark Disassembled. Steve/Tony, NC-17, 244KB.
11th November 2013 The Mountain
Sixty-two days without a single blade of grass, four hundred pitons, twenty-three stoves, six down-filled suits and a moth-eaten bow-tie. Summer 1968: Tony Stark vs. The Mountain. Steve/Tony, R, 320KB.
28th July 2013 Aftercare
Tony's an equal opportunity alpha, but Steve's from a different generation. Worlds collide. Steve/Tony, NC-17, 33KB.
18th June 2013 Kapitan Amerika and the Iron Man
The Red Son reboot, in which Steve Rogers' childhood heroes were aviators and polar explorers, and Tony Stark grew up reading Captain America comics in Siberia. Marvel: Steve/Tony, NC-17, 544KB.
18th June 2013 Afterwards
Written for capkink: So Steve and Tony are accidentally hit with some kind of death-ray but things go wrong and there are unexpected consequences. Steve has to come inside Tony at least once a day, everyday or else Tony has painful cramps/migraine/weakness/whatever that would eventually put him in a coma and kill him. So they reluctantly start a sexual relationship. Steve/Tony, NC-17, 18KB.
15th June 2013 Pilgrim
Jostyn/Thormod, Blood Feud
You know, I've always wondered what would have happened, if Thormod Sitricson had not died in that valley in Thrace. One thing's for sure. I wouldn't be here. (R 16KB)
Written for xtuesdaynextx in sutcliff_swap 2013.
19th April 2013 Requiem for a Dead Queen - Lymond, Dorothy Dunnett
London 1587. A Crawford, a fair Crawford, unmistakable as a parakeet among pigeons. Philippa/Marthe, R, 106KB.
Written for history_bigbang, the gorgeous illustration is by amber1960.


1st January 2013 The Very Secret Diaries of Saint Augustine - Saint Augustine, Confessions
Correspondence Jerome continues. Infuriating. Do not understand why he does not see my point! Translation of "gourd" vital to understanding of gospels.
Written for Tevere in Yuletide 2012. PG-13, 18KB.
1st January 2013 Very Little Soap and no Butter - The Far Distant Oxus, Katherine Hull and Pamela Whitlock
Smog, secrets and sardines on toast: the inevitable separations of war. Maurice, the Hunterlys and half of the Clevertons, unexpectedly reunited.
Written for jenn_calaelen in yuletide 2012. PG-13, 22 KB
1st January 2013 Bring on the Dancing Girls - Procopius - The Secret History
Theodora rises from the foam of her bath like Aphrodite from the waves.

Written for MadameHardy in yuletide 2012. 14 KB, R.
1st January 2013 The House of Cards - The Clangers
This is a Clanger. She's just like you and me. Her name is Tiny Clanger.
Written for Toft in Yuletide 2012. PG-13, 19 KB.
1st January 2013 Swallows and Amazons in Space
Just what it says on the tin. Written for Jenn_Calaelen in yuletide 2012, PG, 25 KB.
1st January 2013

Christmas Candy, written for amand_r in hlh_shortcuts, Duncan/Methos 2012. R, 13 KB.

1st January 2013 The Sword That Never Fell
Written with Unovis. An Adventurous Tale, which may Rank with Many Romances. Highlander crossover with Ritchie Sherlock, written for tazlet in hlh_shortcuts 2012. PG, 34 KB.
1st January 2013 Street of Dreams
Written for big_heart_june, comment fic. Jared/Jensen, RPS, PG, 14 KB.
17th December 2012 Matinée at Biolay
Coldfic RPS, Joe Brown/Don Whillans.

R 15 KB
17th December 2012 Grounded
Coldfic RPS, Joe Simpson/Simon Yates, Touching the Void.

PG-13 15 KB
30th September 2012 Database II: Players of Games
Written for hl_chronicles: bearshorty kindly allowed me to remix and timestamp the story Database, written for the Fannish Library Fest. Duncan/Methos. PG-13, 23 KB
15th August 2012 Cullen's Cub
Rosemary Sutcliff's The Silver Branch. A hole in the wall: Justin, Flavius and Cullen, ten years after. Written for opalmatrix in sutcliff_swap 2012: original post here. Gen,
37 KB.
13th August 2012 Dressed to Kill
Written for hl_kink: high-heeled boots, Amanda. Any which way welcome. Amanda/OMC. R, 5 KB
13th August 2012 There Once Was A Gorgon From Pythos
Written for hl_kink: While taking his buddies on a Grand Tour of 'Infamous Defunct Cults and Bogus Prophets I Have Known', Methos accidentally leads them into a not-so-defunct Cthonic altar with a decidedly unbogus Guardian, who seems very happy to see them. Methos/OFC, R, 8 KB
13th August 2012 Please
Written for hl_kink:
Duncan's always had a thing for sucking cock. It's the one thing he really gets into with men, and he's kind of embarrassed by how much he loves it, but he really, really loves it. Drabble, D/M, R, 5 KB
13th August 2012

(In)opportune Challenge
Written for hl_kink: Technically, he was a privateer, not a pirate, but the fractious seafarer plucked from a deserted island didn't seem to appreciate the difference, or be properly thankful for his rescue, despite their shared Immortal secret. The Captain of the 'Predator' was determined to make this new and interesting bit of booty submit to ship's discipline...and like it. Drabble, D/M, 5KB

22nd July 2012 Ten Stories
.pdf zine uploaded - illustrations by meus_venator and salty_catfish.
22nd July 2012 Slick
After knotting Jensen, MC manhandles a dazed Jensen to sit on his lap, chest to back, and gets Jensen off again and again by just playing with his nipples, never even needs to touch his dick. Jensen's sobbing from over-stimulation but is too fucked out to have enough energy to push MC's hands away from his abused nipples. MC doesn't pull out after his knot deflates, just waits for the constant contractions of Jensen's ass to get him hard again before he starts round two. (OP lists option for J2 in comments.) Kinks: Duncon, knotting, dirty talk, nipple play, rimming, snowballing, milking, barebacking, a little bondage, hints of mpreg.
Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 53 KB
22nd July 2012

Tea in Black and White
J1 is a werepanda and very rare, their numbers have been declining for many years due to how difficult it us for them to find a comparable mate. J1 has been in a program to try and find a compatable mate for him for ages with no success, he certainly didn't expect to bump into anyone compatable and certainly not at his local coffeeshop/store... Kinks: werepands
Jared/Jensen, PG-13, 33 KB

22nd July 2012

Morton Hall (The Spark Notes Werewolf Remix)
Werewolf remix. Contains a reversal of most gender roles in The Well of Loneliness. Genderswop, femmeslash, slash, mpreg, fpreg, polyamoury, pack dynamics: however, not nearly so explicit as this would imply. That's a lot of tweaking for the happy ending I've always wanted.
Stephen Gordon, Martina Hallam, Miss Puddleton, Marcus Llewellyn (in various combinations), PG-13, 102 KB

21st July 2012 An Occurrence of Dragons
Jared has been studying dragons since he was small. He's been fascinated with them for what seems like forever. There have been tales of an old dragon who lives on a protected mountain somewhere close to the University, who some times will grant audiences to the interested. Jared so wants to meet him.
Jared/Jensen, R, 137 KB
20th July 2012 Sastrugi
Coldfic RPS, Pete Boardman/Joe Tasker,
PG-13 21 KB
19th July 2012 The Ackles Clause
Pornstar AU. Or at least, pornstar!Jared and director!Jensen. Due warning - there is no porn-related angst in this story.
Jared/Jensen. 250 KB NC-17.
18th July 2012 Dragonwatch
Harry Potter and the Egg Collectors. Written for perverse_idyll, for help_japan.
Harry/Snape, R, 132 KB
17th July 2012

Casting Bread
A sequel to Sin-Eater, written for the original prompt poster.
Jared/Jensen, R, 43 KB.

16th July 2012

The Shining of the Stars
For three days and three nights, Ged holds the Door, on Roke. Written for espresso_addict. in help_japan.
Earthsea, gen, 41 KB.

15th July 2012 Number Games
A sequel to Lot 607, written for shoofus.
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, past Jared/Dean. 33 KB R.
14th July 2012 An Unexpected Offer
Prompt: Courting scandal since boyhood, free-spirited Adam Lambert vows there is just one way to save his childhood friend from a loveless marriage: to kidnap him! But Kris Allen is furious. So angry that he challenges him to take their assignation to its natural conclusion and seduce him. When his inexperienced attempt flares into intense passion, Adam is ruined…and hopelessly, unexpectedly, in love with Kris. Now the wild and willful Adam must convince Kris that they are a perfect match-in every way.
American Idol RPS, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen 17 KB PG-13. Written for kradam_holidays.
13th July 2012

Prompt: Jensen is a proud beta of the Fire Valley pack. After 25 summers he is still unmated. He bears courtship scars a'plenty, but none of the alphas of the surrounding packs have been strong or swift enough to claim him in a mating battle. Jensen sets out on a great journey to find an alpha worthy of his submission, only to be captured by mere humans. Chained, caged and muzzled, Jensen resigns himself to death; to entering the afterlife dishonored and alone.

J2, 60 KB, NC-17. Written for keerwara, in the animalistic behaviour meme on spn-hardcore

5th July 2012 standing at the edge of nothing
San Francisco, 1924. Five years after the worst day of his life, Sam Winchester's still hustling for a living, still searching for his missing brother, and on the track of a story so big it might just break him.
S/D, 364 KB, NC-17.
Written for spn_j2_bigbang 2012.
1st January 2012 The North Face of the Eiger
Arthur Ransome - Swallows and Amazons
Nancy and Titty negotiate the ascent of Jack's Rake. Written for tree_and_leaf, Yuletide 2011. Gen. 71KB
1st January 2012 Hey Diddle Diddle
P. L. Travers - Mary Poppins
It must be a little dog that laugh’d, for a great dog would be ashamed to laugh at such nonsense.”
John Newberry, in Mother Goose’s Melody, 1765. Written for unovis_lj, Yuletide 2011. Gen. 14KB
1st January 2012 those are pearls
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
You’d like to say she was your one true love and you hers, but this is not true. Written for emei, Yuletide 2011. Femmeslash. 15KB
1st January 2012 The Street of the Booksellers
Small town, somewhere on the edge of the desert. After the Gathering. Written for killabeez, hlh_shortcuts 2011, D/M PG-13, 29KB
1st January 2012 Uploaded angelicfoodcake's gorgeous chibi!viking art for Pangur Ban and the Very Friendly Viking.
28th July 2011 Pangur Ban and the Very Friendly Viking
Prompt: Jensen is a plundering Viking. Jared is a monk who just wants to protect his precious books from the heathen invaders, but Jensen is less interested in the books than he is Jared. Non non-con, please. Kinks: Viking!Jensen Monk!Jared. Jared/Jensen R, 49KB.
28th July 2011 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Prompt: loneliness, kindred spirits. I just want two lonely and isolated people falling in love and making each other happy. Any kink you like so long as there's no strict top/bottom dynamic. Kinks: Scrabble. Jared/Jensen NC-17, 36 KB.
28th July 2011 Lot 607
Prompt: I want one of the boys being sold at a sex slave auction and the other to be a wealthy, no-nonsense buyer. No one is allowed to test drive the slave all the way but the auctioneers use...instruments and display him for the buyers. But our boy decides that he's willing to put down a deposit for a one-on-one inspection to test this particular slave's sensitivity, check him for blemishes, etc. I want the buyer to be kind of clinical about everything, treating this purchase like he would any other. Kinks: Medplay. Non-con.
NC-17, 49 KB.
29th June 2011

The Allegory of the Cave
Sam/Dean. Set in the New York subway, The Allegory of the Cave is a reflective account of images real and imagined, remembrance, desire and obsession. Leaching memory, capturing souls, somewhere a hundred and thirty feet below the streets of Manhattan is an evil the Winchester brothers must face. But there’s a fine line between reality and imagination, and neither brother can be sure of their footing in this upside down world.
36,000 words, R.

25th June 2011 Right Turn and Present
Jared/Jensen, written for take_the_knot. Prompt: Js are members of a special forces unit made up of weres. I'd love a situation where the boys hate each other at first or fiercely compete, but after a brush with death in an adrenaline-filled event finally have rough, brutal, claiming sex, fighting about who's on top :) They feel the need to make sure that the other one is alive, to mark him, as they now understand they could have lost him..
NC-17, 43KB.
8th April 2011 torkvenil's friend Ailine produced an amazing - and very atmospheric - illustration for All the pretty, pretty ones. Uploaded.
7th April 2011 Podfic - crinklysolution has recorded Kant's Dove. That's over four hours of recording, and it's absolutely gorgeous. She's posted about it here, and the recording is archived here (mp3) and here (podbook). I loved it.
7th April 2011 No fic, but angelfoodcake produced a lovely illustration for The Tale of the Snail.
25th January 2011 Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Jared/girl!Jensen fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt: Girl!Jensen has a serious crush on Biker!Jared, but she's a "good girl" and she knows/believes that there is no way he would want her when there are all those skanks that hang around bikers in general and Jared in particular.
NC-17, 79KB.
25th January 2011

Jared/Jensen fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt: There are three types of men, alpha males, beta males, and omega males. Alpha males are like any ordinary guy with the exception of their cocks, they work just like canines (the knot, tons of cum, strong breeders, etc) The beta male, is an ordinary guy without the special cock. Omega males are capable of child bearing and often called bitch males..
NC-17, 69KB.

25th January 2011 Trojan Games
Jared/Jensen fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt: It's the Trojan War and Jared is the undefeated half god warrior (Achilles) type and Jensen is a captured Prince of Troy. Jared has to decide if he'll use Jensen for ransom or take him home with him.
NC-17, 23KB.
16th January 2011 The Tale of the Snail
Laughing. AU J2. Definitely AU. Snail!porn. R. 18KB.
1st January 2011 In this house everything is twice
Lucy M. Boston's Green Knowe: a ghost story with a happy ending for rabidsamfan in yuletide 2010. gen, 17 KB.
1st January 2011 Burn Layer
Pieces in time. Ceirdwyn, written for rodlox in hlh_shortcuts 2010: gen, 17 KB.
27th November 2010 Tomorrow, when the apricots are ripe
J2 ponyplay. Kink. Seriously. This is an AU universe, and merrily ticks off maculategiraffe's slavefic tropes Don't nuzzle me unless you mean it and Damaged goods. NC-17, 205 KB.
24th November 2010

Blood Moon
Sam/Dean werewolf fic. With demon. Oh, and there's a book: of course there's a book. The Impala seems to have slunk in there as well. Don't think anyone drinks tea, it's not really the right fandom, but there are at least a couple of bonfires, some beer, and a little more bourbon than strictly necessary. NC-17, 270KB.

12th November 2010 Account of the Progress of the Reformation of Manners on a Caribbean Voyage or The Boy in the Cherry Strip’d Dress
Jared/Jensen fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt:Jared is a pirate, Captain of his own ship. He comes across Jensen, kidnaps him and decides to keep him as his personal sex slave. NC-17, 46 KB.
12th November 2010 here we come (crystalline timeline mix)
Jared/Jensen/Danneel fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt:Danneel and Jensen have a normal loving relationship, but Danneel is aware deep down that Jensen has always had a secret thing for Jared, even if he's in denial about it. One night Jensen asks her to peg him and she has an idea what fantasy he's playing at. She agrees and even gets into it, so as a gift to Jensen (even though she's never told him that she knows) she pretends to be Jared (lots of dirty talk). In the light of day they never talk about it or acknowledged that it even happened, but every once and awhile- as a gift- she does that for him, giving him a small charade of what he could never really have with Jared. NC-17, 21 KB..
12th November 2010 The Winchester Cat
Gen fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt:Dean is a werehousecat. And he is absolutely adorable. And indignant about that, but Sam just can't stop cuddling him. Gen, 6KB.
22nd June 2010 Kant's Dove
In a dystopian paradise angel Inquisitor Samuel and rogue human Dean are uneasy allies. Together, they could knock their world from its foundations, but both of them have secrets to keep.
AU S/D. 344KB. Witten for spn_j2_bigbang 2010.
22nd June 2010 Sin-eater
Jensen gets kicked out of the insular fundamentalist community he was raised in, with nothing but the shirt on his back and the unshakeable belief that he is now going to hell. He's wandering, bewildered and almost mute with shyness on the streets of the some bleak southwestern town when Jared finds him and takes him in.

Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: angst, hurt-comfort, religious themes. 32KB
22nd June 2010

all the pretty, pretty ones
Jensen tends to speed, he's got a sports car what else is it for, and he usually either sweet talks his way out of the ticket or just takes - no big, he's got the money for it. Unfortunately Cop!Jared is not having it and some how Jensen finds himself handcuffed and bent over the hood of his car.
Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: dub-con, handcuffs, dirty talk, bareback, come play. 51KB

22nd June 2010 Baby Daddy
Jared and Jensen broke up on very bad terms, and Jared forced sex on Jensen when they were breaking up (dub-con or non-con). They still have complicated lingering feelings between them. Jensen discovered he's pregnant after break-up and is devastated (apparently still hates Jared and does not want the child, but is also scared of getting an abortion).

Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: dub-con, mpreg (post-break-up pregnancy) 30KB
22nd June 2010 Bare boned and crazy for you
Jared's found his mate in poor, unsuspecting Jensen. Oblivious!Jensen, dominant and eager!Jared. Really rough, biting, bloodplay, possessive!Jared, please.
Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: dub-con, biting, bloodplay, werewolf sex. 25KB
22nd June 2010 Sloppy Seconds
Jared, down on his luck and with nowhere to go, answers an ad: "Wanted: strong, large male needed for manual labor. Must not be afraid of dogs or to get dirty. Will train." When he shows up he finds Jensen, the owner of a specialized kennel and soon learns what Jensen's really looking for is a new kennel bitch, since the last one just wore out. Jared should really, really love his job in the end.
Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: bestiality, porn, come-hungry, felching. Jared/OMC Jensen/OFC 37KB
  The King's Hound
22nd June 2010 To the victor goes the spoils, and Jensen's about to find out just how victorious Jared's feeling. Bonus: D/s, spanking, rimming, felching, creampie, bareback, orgasm denial, nipple play. Make it hot. Jensen eventually learns his place.
Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: dub con, slavery, d/s, rimming, felching, creampie, bareback, orgasm denial, nipple play, piercing, branding, collaring, breathplay 88KB
22nd June 2010 what have I become?
I would LOVE it if somebody would write this. I want toppy Jared to have Jensen's cock pierced, put a ring in it and use it secure Jensen's obedience. Attach a leash and lead him around by his cock. Secure him to the wall (if you wanted to include a nose ring I wouldn't complain!) and make sure he can't get away from any dick that wants in his ass. I would love some orgasm denial in there, too, that is my hardest kink EVER. Also, also! Jeff turning up would be amazing!
Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: exceedingly dub con, penile adornment, d/s, bestiality, orgasm denial, toys, enema, figging, bondage 45 KB
22nd June 2010 Positive Reinforcement
Self-destructive Jensen + Fed-up Jared = Jensen over Jared's knee getting the spanking of his life from his best friend. You get points for. -Crying, begging Jensen. -Stressing Jared'd huge ass hands. -also his huge ass cock. -Jared loves Jensen soooooooooo much.
Written for spnkink_meme. Kinks: OTK spanking 18KB
26th March 2010

And is there honey still for tea?
If you happen to have read another book about Edward Bear, you may remember that he lived with his friends in a wood called the Hundred Acre Wood. It was a small wood, and small things happened, the kind of things that happen to bears in places where even if elevenses are late there is always a little something for tea.

This isn't that story.


18th Jan 2010 man walked into a bar
fractured_sun's fannish five meme lists five presents Methos gave to people. Number four on her list is a new bar for Joe, who is still under the impression the watchers paid for it.

Highlander, written for fractured_sun in hlh_shortcuts 2010. D/M, PG, 23KB
18th Jan 2010

Kimono Dreams
Sky like a fucking angel with / spread wings, like a five / thousand pound kimono the moment before it falls

Ziggy Stardust, written for tenar in Yuletide 2010. Gen, PG, 29 KB

22nd October 2009

Even Otherwise I Love You
The film Karan Johar could have made: Dostana 2, a modern Bollywood love story starring Sameer and Kunal, two men drawn together by fate. And a little help from Sam's mum. R. 240 KB

Written for the Small Fandom Big Bang Challenge, 2009.

19th Sept 2009

I am so very late posting this. Eva, over two years ago, recorded the Highlander fiction Winter Solstice. It's beautifully done, and amazing how different aspects of the story are pulled out when heard aloud rather than read.

At Sendspace -- Winter Solstice Podfic.

19th Sept 2009 Flesh, Skull Here are only bones. To flesh the story out, to cover this ambivalent grinning skull and light it, to understand this post-apocalyptic murder scene - ah, there's the rub.Vindice/Lussurioso,38KB, R.

Revenger's Tragedy. Written for Olivia Circe, Yuletide 2008.
19th Sept 2009

Even Tough Guys Need Some R & R M said, "Get packed. Your secretary has the tickets and your flight leaves Heathrow in three hours. Entry has been expedited with customs and our friends at the Pentagon. And, James - take a tie." James Bond/Felix Lessiter, 26KB, R.

Bond, written for lasergirl, Yuletide 2008.

19th Sept 2009

Updated reads, adding new fandoms Bollywood, Merlin, Star Trek, Supernatural and Swordspoint.

5th Jan 2008 The Young Duke: Judicium Dei "You should be pleased; your part is one of the easiest, and you'll get all the money." Alec/Richard, Swordspoint R 61KB
7th Jan 2007 The Puppet Master Moments after the last battle, a man clings to his own soul. HP/SS/V R 61KB
7th Jan 2007 Domination (Carol Berg, Seyonne/Aleksander, R 19KB) Angst, d/s. For Esteliel
7th Jan 2007 Frontier Games (Rosemary Sutcliff, Alexios/Hilarion, Frontier Wolf R 16KB) In Yuletide 2006, for Melannen.
7th Jan 2007 Blue Moon Rising Memory. Freedom. Choice. Loss. A man seen in a window, at night. Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana, Baerd/Alessan. PG-13, 21KB
21 August 2006 Nettle Soup and Gooseberries Harry Potter, Harry/Snape. R. 127KB.
23 July 2006 Summer of the Wolf Written for Eva P., and based on The Eagle and the Ninth Marcus/Esca NC -17 28 KB
At the end of Summer of the Wolf is a further Marcus/Esca drabble, written for Graculus.
23 July 2006 Eva P's beautiful art work for Alien Corn. Go and take a look, it's beautiful.
16 June 2006 ne pas deranger The Thomas Crown Affair, written for Vix. (Het) PG-13, 6 KB
16 June 2006 Skin Shot Highlander (D/M) Porn. NC-17 21 KB
16 June 2006 Congress Tripartite Harry Potter, The first threesome I've ever written. (HP/SS/LM) NC-17 35KB
6 March 2006 Black Story Harry/Snape. Don't honestly know what to say about this one. After the war, Snape comes back to Hogwarts. NC-17. 226KB.
6 March 2006 Misrule,R. D/M, Medieval Christmas fluff. 163KB. Apologies for the length of time it's taken to post this.
13 Febuary 2006 An Evening at Le Maison,Harry/Snape, very fluff, an antidote to Black Story above. 39KB PG-13
05 January 2006 Another Country,Narnia, Jill/Susan, written for sadisticferret, Yuletide 2005. 27KB PG-13
27 October 2005 Consanguinity, the third and last completed fiction in what has become the post-HBP Consanguinity arch. Follows Melancholia. A few owls, some books, and rather a lot of cups of tea.Harry/Snape, 178 KB
05 October 2005 the meaning of things as they appear to others Jay would like to make matters absolutely clear. This is a work of fiction. Characters and actions depicted here do not and are not meant to represent the actions or desires of members of the band Alabama 3. Larry Love/Rev. D. Wayne Love, 19KB
30 July 2005 Melancholia, the second completed fiction in what has become the post-HBP Consanguinity arch. Follows Humour. Harry/Snape, 9KB
17 July 2005 Snippet, Humour, viseral reaction to Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. Spoilers, therefore, should be expected.Harry/Snape, 16KB
07 June 2005 From Eroica With Love Crossing the Lines Dorian/Klaus, PG13. Nailing the flag to the wall. 50 KB.
21 April 2005 The Images in Search of a Plot Update
Highlander Becoming (Gen)
Hours (D/M: don't blink. PG13)
Roses (so you know I'm mad, R.)
Harry Potter Apricot Dreaming ( Harry/Snape, PWP, R)
On the Naming Of Names (Gen)
Fly-fishing for Beginners (Harry/Snape, R)
16 January 2005 On Wednesday Harry/Snape. Honestly. PG-13.
5 January 2005 Cleaning out my Closet, .
The Centurion's Hound Esca/Marcus, from The Eagle of the Ninth R.
2 January 2005 I, Jehudah Jesus Christ Superstar, Judas/Jesus, R.