The Man Who Would Be King, out of copyright, concepts and characters owed to Rudyard Kipling.
No harm or disrespect is intended by this piece of fanfiction.
Written for Unovis.


Rich man, poor man...

Jay Tryfanstone
April 2006


He's been most men, this man, tinker, tailor, beggarman, king: he's been south where the water buffalo graze the paddy fields, north to the hills where the mangos ripen.

And beyond. In snow, the world does not turn but falls. Time nails itself to the ropes.

The king's beard was red. Fire sparked the colour of it, crimson gold: in anger he'd bite it down, the eyes of the great plain of his face lost as a boy's in the tumbled stones of a dream. Betrayal bites deep at a woman's hands, this man knows.

This man lost his faith.