Harry Potter Fanfiction

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On Wednesday

Harry/Snape, honest, though you could be forgiven for reading it as gen. PG-13, 36KB

Apricot Dreaming

Harry/Snape. Although this probably stands alone, it follows On Wednesday. PWP, R, 21KB

On the Naming of Names

Harry/Snape, honest. (Sighs.) Maybe more to this one, don't know. PG-13, 29KB

Fly-fishing for Beginners

Harry/Snape. Not angst. R, 71KB


Harry/Snape. Visceral reaction to HP6. PG-13, 16KB Turns out to be the first in the Consanguinity arch.


Harry/Snape. Reaction to HP6. PG-13, 8KB. Second in Consanguinity.


Harry/Snape. Reaction to HP6. R, 178KB. Third and last in Consanguinity.

An Evening at Le Maison
Harry/Snape. Fluff, PG-13. 38KB.
Black Story

Harry/Snape. Don't honestly know what to say about this one. After the war, Snape comes back to Hogwarts. NC-17. 226KB.

Nettle Soup and Gooseberries
Written for leni_jess in Reversation 2006. An old-fashioned romance, this tale concerns the trials and tribulations of the star-crossed lovers Master Harry Potter and Professor Severus Snape, being a tale of some ingenuity and divers complication. R. 127KB.
The Puppet Master
Moments after the last battle, a man clings to his own soul. HP/SS/V R 61KB
Harry Potter and the Egg Collectors. Written for perverse_idyll, for help_japan.
Harry/Snape, R, 132 KB
Harry Potter Fanfiction in translation:
On Wednesday, tr. Am
On Wednesday, tr. Olga
Apricot Dreamimg tr. Olga

Fly-fishing for Beginners tr. Olga

Humour tr. Olga
Melancholia tr. Olga
Consanguinity tr. Olga
An Evening at La Maison tr. Olga
... I know Black Story's been translated into Russian, but I'm not sure of the link ...
Humour tr. Mustard-Clover
Black Story , tr. Fanyuch
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