Gen fic, written for blindfold_spn.
Prompt:Dean is a werehousecat. And he is absolutely adorable. And indignant about that, but Sam just can't stop cuddling him.
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The Winchester Cat
Jay Tryfanstone

The Winchester Cat is as black as night
Stanced like a prizefighter all muscles tight
Rip in his ear, glint in his eye,
Thief on the windowsill, reaching for pie
Bedspread poser
Sleep disposer
The Winchester Cat is a demon to fight

The Winchester Cat is as vain as a girl
But the tricks he knows would make your hair curl
Chip in his fang, salt on his paw
Ash on his fur, no time for the law
Sidewalk stalker
Mute sweet talker
The Winchester Cat can get God in a whirl.

The Winchester Cat is a son of the gun
Sleek on a bar stool, knows how to have fun
No chick flick kiss, no tears goodbye
He’s not for keeps, this tom won’t lie
Rough street fighter
Sharp toothed biter
The Winchester Cat always gets the job done

The Winchester Cat is as true as a knife
Faithful and loving for all of his life
A one man cat, reveres his mother
Awesome lover, best big brother
Covert cuddler
Bedtime snuggler
The Winchester Cat has no need for a wife.